Standard powdercoat colour is precious silver pearl. Shelf 700l x 300d x 13mm compact laminate suspended off top rail. Toolbar is optional for paper trays and accessories. easy to reconfigure for changing work environments and open plan.
customise your design and nominate desk length (1600 – 2100mm) with adjustable frame and custom screen heights. Stackable panels and glazing is available. quiet space has high acoustic qualities with an nrc rating of .45 and pinboard surface use offering 35 screen colours. fabric, metal, glass or timber veneer, perspex screens can be accommodated.

innovative sustainable office concept which is a simple and cost effective workstation complete with function wall, shelf and quiet space screening offering many forms of flexibility.
environmentally rating are:
1 high material recyclability
2 low material toxicity
3 minimal waste
4 maximum flexibility
5 suitable to the environment