Pi-No-pi-no Vase


Dimensions: Complete Set - Ø110mmx145mmh. Vase - Ø110mmx120mmh. Set of rings - Ø110mmx100mmh. Lid - Ø110mmx25mmh
Available In: (Vase/Rings) Opal White/Bronze/Green, Green/Amber Brown or Grey/Fuchsia/Opal White

Pi-no-pi-no vase for new works
designed by Maija Puoskari & Tuukka Tujula
The Pi-No-Pi-No Vase takes inspiration from the diversity of nature. It can grow as the flowers grow, and change like the seasons. A flexibility that means it stays in use throughout the year, from the full bloom of spring, to the simple textures of winter. Simply take it apart, or stack it together.

Pi-no-pi-no vase spec sheet