Anaca Studio, Australia

Led by owner and designer, Anne-Claire Petre, anaca studio is a Melbourne-based furniture design practice that works closely with its local manufacturers to create a range of contemporary products echoing its commitment to good design practices. Upholding the studio’s principles of practicality, integrity, clean aesthetics and simplicity, all furniture and accessories are made in Australia using sustainable timbers, materials and finishes, and each unique piece is made to order.

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Agostino & Brown, Australia

The Adelaide-based Agostino & Brown design studio was founded in 2010 and creates handmade, quality furniture. They design custom-made pieces as well as a range of designs that can be tailored to clients’ specifications. The brand’s philosophy is focused on creating unique and innovative designs, which are durable and timeless. Agostino & Brown products are made with top quality materials from Australian producers, and are manufactured in Adelaide using the best, environmentally friendly methods of construction. The products are used in residential and commercial fit outs and the studio undertakes design collaborations with architects and designers.

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B-TD, Australia

Ben-Tovim Design, Melbourne, was founded by Jonathan Ben-Tovim in 2011 as an industrial design consultancy with an in-house range of lighting and furniture. The Zimbabwe-born designer brings a rich amalgam of cultural experience to his practice; he was raised and studied in Adelaide, completed his Master of design at the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven in Holland and has worked in London and Melbourne. Ben-Tovim’s professional experience includes working for high profile clients with design consultancies Goodwin Hartshorn in London and Charlwood in Melbourne. Each Ben-Tovim product is assembled by hand, using as many parts and materials from local suppliers as possible. The products are made to order in small batches, allowing customisation and collaboration.

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Didier, Australia

Ross Didier is an award-winning designer based in Melbourne, Australia. Since founding his studio in 2000, Didier has successfully launched over 25 ranges of furniture onto the Australian and International markets. Ross’s work is underpinned by a strong philosophy that manufacturing and design are interwoven -­ an approach to designing he refers to as engineered craft. His versatility and maturity in design is guided by the founding principles that his products must be saleable, innovative, intriguing and functional. This approach has established Ross Didier as one of Australia’s most successful and original commercial designers.

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Dowel Jones, Australia

Anything but Ordinary.

Dowel Jones was founded by Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman in 2014 after graduating from university together. Over the past 8 years, founders Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman have grown the company from a small furniture studio helping to furnish local cafes, to producing furniture, lighting and accessories now found in homes and interiors all across the world.

In the past 8 years, Dowel Jones have won numerous awards for pieces both nationally and internationally. Although we appear to be a furniture and lighting company, we also work on self-initiated pieces that explore concepts further in depth (such as a tattooed cabinet called Venena Arca and National Gallery of Victoria acquired bench Never Grow Up), and also regularly organise events to support the local community of designers in Australi

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FeelGood Designs, Australia

Feelgood Designs was established in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on natural materials, innovative design and quality, our furniture helps to create warm, human-oriented ‘feelgood’ environments. Through collaborations with selected designers we endeavour to provide enduring furniture solutions that combine the best of traditional craftsmanship with modern day manufacturing and high quality materials.

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Fluxwood, Australia

Fluxwood Lighting consists of a team of makers and designers based in Currumbin, Queensland. Fluxwood design and craft bespoke timber lighting with a growing collection of pendant and wall light designs. Fluxwood have been crafting and selling our timber pendants since 2018 and look forward to continuing to offer the highest quality timber lighting.

Our products are sustainably crafted to be enduring and of the highest quality. The use of solid timber is no coincidence, our team of experienced makers have been working with timber for over 35 years. With a deep understanding of the material, our makers handcraft contemporary and high quality pendants from solid timber. Driven by a love for the craft, our makers create unique lighting which showcases the natural variations of Australian hardwood timbers.’

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Fomu, Australia

Fomu is a Melbourne based design studio with an aim to design and create objects which embody simplicity while using beautifully considered form and details to enhance the overall functionality of the design. All Fomu products are manufactured in Australia from ethically sourced materials.

Andrew Beveridge and Gabrielle Beswick are the designers and co-founders of Fomu.

Originally from Tasmania, they relocated to Melbourne to pursue a future in design. Both enrolled at RMIT University, Andrew studied Furniture Design and Gabrielle studied Fashion and Textile Merchandising. After a few years of making furniture and working within the fashion industry, they decided to combine their knowledge and launch a multi-disciplinary design studio together.

“Blurring the boundaries between art and design. We believe that the art of living stems from the idea that if a design is thoughtfully created it’s about making design speak to people rather than just existing for functional purposes”.

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jr. abel, Brisbane, Australia

jr.abel is the industrial design arm of The Artificial, based in Brisbane, Australia. jr. abel has a single goal of making pleasant, honest and attainable objects that makes them happy.

Everything is handmade in South-East Queensland by local craftspeople and makers. jr. abel does custom projects and can help you make almost anything.

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LifeSpaceJourney, Australia

LifeSpaceJourney is a niche design and manufacturing practice located in Melbourne’s inner west. Their core values are built on supporting local skills, creating quality products and providing personal service. They take a hands-on approach to design and problem solving through observation and learning, understanding materials, amalgamating trades and connecting with people. LifeSpaceJourney has a broad knowledge and an ever-evolving range of industry connections across the different fields of metal fabrication, woodworking, plastics, leatherwork, ceramics and glasswork. The designers value the skills and knowledge that comes from the challenges of each individual project.

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MarkDouglass, Australia

Mark’s professional career began in 1989, establishing himself as a glass artist, sculptor and painter. Mark’s career focus shifted primarily to glass-blowing and lighting in 2010 when he launched his first design range pieces.​

Mark’s atelier, Melbourne Glassworks, a fully contained state-of-the-art Glass Studio and events space in Kensington, allows Mark to freely produce and trial new bespoke designs. His lighting is all proudly manufactured and blown in Melbourne with the help of his team of four.

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Nightworks Studio, Australia

Nightworks® was founded in New Zealand in 2019 by husband and wife team, Ben and Kiri Wahrlich. Originally established in 2008 in Sydney, Australia – as award winning lighting studio ANAESTHETIC, we quickly established a loyal following for our original designs worldwide. After returning to New Zealand in 2017 we sought to refresh our brand to echo a modern Kiwi lifestyle and thus, Nightworks® was born.

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Rawmetrix, Philip Bugden, Brisbane, Australia

Philip Bugden is a Brisbane based furniture/interior designer.  He firmly believes that furniture should be made to last generations, not to be discarded. Bugden creates versatile, highly detailed pieces that are durable enough to withstand decades of use. BUTTin is his first furniture design based on this principle. The range includes a series of interchangeable ottomans and backrests, allowing users to create a seating solution for a wide range of spaces and uses.

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Philip Bugden is a Brisbane based furniture/interior designer.

REDDIE, Australia

“Impeccably crafted furniture that’s entirely customisable.”

Reddie is founded by Australian couple Caroline and Andrew Olah, a creative duo who have lived and worked globally in New York, Hong Kong and Australia. Caroline an interior architect turned furniture designer, Andrew an ex-sales exec at Google merge their experience to create the brand REDDIE.
‘We understand that everyone has different size spaces and styles, so we curated a collection that can be customised by size and material. We then handcraft your product with the most premium materials in our very own factory where we have the most talented craftsmen that are trained in traditional Danish woodworking. Our products are made up of some of the most premium materials such as solid teak wood, that you can combine with metal, marble glass and wood.’ – Caroline and Andrew

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Scope Furniture, Australia

Scope Furniture is a leading furniture design and manufacturing company. For the past decade, Scope has been recognised for their abilities in producing upholstered and timber products. Scope has been employed by leading architects and interior designers for everything from major projects, all the way through to bespoke commissioned pieces. Their resources, experience and knowledge have been of great value to clients, many of whom incorporate Scope’s services from the concept stage of their projects right through to the completed product.

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South Drawn, Australia/NZ

The tale of this joint venture starts with Lumil, the successful lighting brand launched by Luke in 2016. With Christian coming on board in 2020, the brothers decided to rebrand the business, incorporating the new partnership and their vision for an experimental lighting studio. And so, South Drawn was born. With a portfolio specialising in high-end lighting, Luke’s role in the business is that of Design Director. His exploratory approach to materials is heavily influenced by nature and the creative exploitation of found forms or textures within the natural landscape.

The duo is well balanced as Christian heads up the production and logistics, working alongside the local artisans and manufacturers who help to create South Drawn’s unique product range. His expertise is best appreciated when observing his approach to rid the chaff and streamline the assembly of each piece.

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Studio Pip, Australia

Studio Pip, Sydney, is a collection of furniture products that present value and finely crafted designs, suitable for commercial, hospitality and residential environments. Studio Pip creates practical, quality furniture, using the highest quality timber and a design process that encompasses excellent Australian craftsmanship.Passionate about authentic design, our products are not limited by fabric, finishes or fixed designs. By providing better design choices, Studio Pip has become a favourite of architects, interior designers, stylists, specifiers, retailers and design passionate people in general. The breadth and depth of the collection continues to create meaningful and outstanding furniture, made in Australia and made to last.

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Tide Design, Australia

Tide Design, Melbourne, was established in 2007 by furniture designer and maker, George Harper. Functionality and simplicity are guiding principles at Tide, along with the belief that detail plays a key role in the overall aesthetic of a piece. Harper draws inspiration from 1950’s design, when the strict modernism of earlier years took on a softer, more organic feel. Harper is committed to producing the highest quality, handmade, contemporary pieces, where the design is considered, well resolved and individual. Each piece is designed and built to provide an enduring appeal.

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