cumulus pendant


Sizes: 860dia x 1015h, 660dia x 780h, 460dia x 550h
tasmanian oak timber, fabric: available in various fabrics - contact us for the current print selection, cord available in white, black,red and grey

cumulus by enoki
design by Vi Nguyen

‘ There is a time when you look up into the sky and imagine the possibilities of a cloud’s form. It could be a ship, then a horse, then a sheep, but at the same time it is still a cloud. Our Cumulus lights are a contradiction of themselves. At first glance they are a simple and elegant shape, but with closer inspection they are complex structures with the guise of a simple veil. Over time, the Cumulus family has expanded from a single pendant light to include a wall and floor version. ‘


download the specification sheet here:

Enoki Cumulus pendant spec sheet

Cumulus images