cumulus perfect circle


dimensions: 860dia x 1015h, 660dia x 780h, 460dia x 550h
tasmanian oak timber, fabric: available in various fabrics - contact us for the current print selection, cord available in white, black and grey, white ceiling rose as standard

cumulus the perfect circle by enoki
design by Vi Nguyen

this special edition of nude pendant is an adelaide collaboration between textile studio ‘moonbow’ and enoki bringing you three exclusive fabric designers for the cumulus pendant: the ‘perfect circle’, ‘blue motif’ and ‘bronze motif’. the perfect circle design is a creation of floating spheres of teardrop and petal shapes, hand screen printed through an intricate hand cut stencil. the motif designs are two paintbrushes in play, intertwining motif designs to create a soft, modern pattern. all designs are individually hand-made by moonbow and once the fabric is cut and sewn into a cumulus shade, each shade is one of a kind.