earth wall light


dimensions: app. 95mmdia x 170mmh - regular, app. 125mmdia x 215mmh - large
glaze options: pure white (code 001), charcoal (code 002), dove grey (code 004), speckled white (code 005), speckled natural (code 006) and terracotta (code 007), flex options: black, white, black and white zig-zag, gold

earth wall by anchor ceramics
design by bruce rowe
The Earth Lights in both wall and pendant formats are made in Melbourne, Australia. The ceramic component is thrown on a potter’s wheel giving each fitting a unique, handmade quality. After an initial firing, the fittings are hand finished with glazes mixed from raw ingredients using recipes we have developed specifically for our lighting ranges. They are then fired one last time to to 1,280 degrees C to mature the glaze and finalise the piece. The wall bracket and electrical componentry have been custom designed to complement the handmade nature of ceramics and are assembled by a specialist lighting contractor.

earth wall light finishes and specifications