echo track


Dimensions: L120mm x W120mm x H120mm
Features: • Exceptional Beam control – Snap System provides choice of 25, 36 and 60 degree lenses • Flexible Colour temperature – Snap System provides choice of 3000k, 2700k, 2500k and 2200k • CRI 95 • Utilises Soraa GaN on GaN Optical System • Heat resistant back dome for easy adjusting • Driver housed in back dome Each Echo Light comes with standard 3000k Light Engine, 36 degree lens and Louvre. Additional coloured filter lenses available - please refer to the spec sheet for more detail.

echo track by resident
design by flynn talbot
Echo is a true fusion of decorative and technical lighting, with snap on lenses which can be customised
on-site to change colour temperature, glare and beam angle. The result is a family of high output
directional lights, with perfect light distribution. Available in Track, Surface Mounted and Pendant varieties.

echo-pendant-spot-and-track-light specifications