ace lounge


dimensions: 810mH x 1450mmW x 750mmD 410mmSH
Legs: Stained Beech (for Textile), Painted Oak (for Black Leather) or Lacquered Oak (for Brandy Leather). upholstery only in JAB's 'City Velvet', col: beige,grey,dark blue, lake blue or dark red or NC house farbic 'Nist', col: beige, grey, dark blue, lake blue or dark red or Sørensen leather 'Tango, col: Brandy or black

ace by normann copenhagen
design by hanshornemann
Imagine a box with a handle that you simply grab and take home from the shop and within a few minutes transform into an exclusive furniture piece. The Ace lounge collection innovatively unifies luxurious upholstered furniture with functional flat-pack principles, in an expressive design inspired by an urban lifestyle.

Ace is delivered in two attractive fabrics, a vibrant velour and a flecked wool textile, as well as soft, exclusive leather. The woolen textile, “Nist”, has been developed in-house by Normann Copenhagen to complete the characteristic visual style.

The Ace collection includes a lounge chair, a dining table chair, a sofa and a footstool.