the shearer armchair


Large Length: 2800mm Depth: 1000mm Small Length: 2400mm Depth: 1000mm Armchair Width: 1450mm Depth: 1000mm

the shearer armchair by lifespacejourney
design by justin lamont

Wool bales often compensate for a lack of furniture in shearing sheds by offering impromptu seating and tables for shearers and rouseabouts whilst on a ‘smoko’ break. The Shearer takes the simplicity of a wool bale and combines it with practical strapping to create form and structure whilst adding detailing reminiscent of vintage sports car upholstery. The Shearer is simple to use and assemble and can easily be unzipped, unclipped and reassembled to form many different pieces including a chaise lounge, a bed or individual seats. Made from premium custom tanned leather and custom quilted duck down The Shearer is designed for comfort with a robust character that remains true to its simple origins.

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