BOB DAY BED / bench


Dimensions: 180 L x 70 D x 40 H / 200 L x 75 D x 40 H
Materials: Fabric (top) Wood (bottom), Colors: Red (Top), Teak Natural (bottom). Please check the product specifications PDF for further materials details.

BOB DAY BED/bench by Reddie

Want something a little different for seating? Simple but impressive? How about a daybed – the perfect balance of style and functionality.

I fit nicely in those spaces that require sleek and minimal seating, such as a living area or entry way. Also a great option for increasing seat numbers with balance in your space. My cushions are also removable so I’m easy to look after and change up. What are you waiting for? Customise me and lets get comfy in style.

Reddie Bob Daybed Product Specs