dowel stool


dimensions: 400mmW x 390mmD x 740mmH or 380mmW x 340mmD x 640mmH
finish options: american white oak with danish soap or ebonised black japan finish or solid walnut frame, seat in black powdercoated aluminium or brass finish

dowel stool by mr. fräg
‘Dowel’ is a family of stools that celebrate a rich and yet unlikely combination of materials with its polished solid brass seat and understated turned timber legs. Inspiration came loosely from the use of brass in architecture and particularly the way it used as a material we interact with as a touch point. The name however conveys the stools sense of simplicity, honesty and that every element is essential to the design. The stools come in a counter height of 640mm and a bar height of 740mm. The legs are hand turned out of American White Ash with a traditional Danish soap or ebonized in a Japan black finish. The American Walnut legs are finished with natural Danish oil and hard bees wax. ‘Dowel’ has been specifically designed using natural materials and finishes so that it will age gracefully, gaining a mellowness of patina through time.