dimensions: 700mmH x 500mmW x 450mmSH
Finishes Available: Full Dulux powder coat range available Chrome or brass frame options available Range of leather options Range of stitching options

tbc2 by adam lynch

Tbc2 is the Second chair in its growing family of seating. Designed drawing inspiration from Marcel Breuers Wassily Chair I aimed to exploit the seemingly simple aspects of a tube chair.
There’s something romantic about how raw leather allows each owner to create their own story; whether it is a coffee stain from a Sunday morning breakfast, a scratch from a pet or just wrinkles exposing age and time.
The leatherwork of the chair is hand crafted and made to order in Melbourne, meaning you can select leather from the hide ensuring your desired aesthetic is achieved.
Tbc2 is a 100% Melbourne made using traditional manufacturing methods, and the chairs tube bent frame is available in chrome, brass plate or powder coated finish.