dimensions: 437mmH, 660mmH
GECA certified finishes available: solid ash in black, red, clear, yellow or neon blue finish

zampa by mattiazzi
design by jasper morrison
ZAMPA is a light, graceful stool with gently curving legs. It has only a few elements and a minimum of joins in keeping with the rigorous expectations of its designer, Jasper Morrison. Its round, flat seat is a technical achievement in that it is simply structured to provide some flex and therefore a surprising softness in how it sits.

“I noticed some old country stools, handmade with curved stick legs and roughly connected to circular solid wood seats.
This design is a reminder of this very direct solution to having something to sit on.
Their charm and character are irresistible though they couldn’t be more direct and everyday in a practical sense.
This new version is light and adaptable for use as a stool or small side table beside the bed, in the bathroom or wherever they’re needed.”
Jasper Morrison