Ding Table


Dimensions: Dia750mm x 400mmH
Available In: Glass or Smoke top finishes. Black, oak or coral base.

Ding table for normann copenhagen
design by rudolph schelling webermann
Inspired by ancient three-dimensional wooden brain teaser puzzles, the German designers Rudolph Schelling Webermann have created a simple coffee table that is assembled without the help of screws and tools. The table consists quite simply of three legs made from oak. When put together they constitute a sculptural knot that works as the base for an exclusive glass tabletop.

When Rudolph Schelling Webermann purchased the puzzles they immediately began to experiment and play with the shape and the puzzle’s basic principle: three pieces of wood join together and lock themselves in a seemingly inseparable knot. During the process, it dawned on them that the form would make a perfect base for a tabletop. The legs are rounded off with chamfered edges, making the table stand sturdily on the floor and the round sheet of glass sit solidly on the base.

Rudolph Schelling Webermann say: “The three legs seem to pierce through each other in an impossible way, and our intention is to draw attention to this almost magical detail. That is also why we have chosen a transparent top, so the table’s key focus point is the joining of the legs.”