Fable Outdoors Tables


dimensions: dining: 600dia x 730mmH, 600mmsq x 730mmH, 750mmdia x 730mmH, 750mmsq x 730mmH, 900mmdia x 730mmH or 900mmsq x 730mmH, 1050mmdia x 730mmH drybar: 600mmdia x 1030mmH, 600mmsq x 1030mmH, 750mmdia x 1030mmH 750mmdia x 1030mmH, 900mmdia x 1030mmH, 900mmsq x 1030mmH, 1050mmdia x 1030mmH,
Materials: Powdercoated aluminium and stainless steel

fable outside table by didier

The exterior frames are hand formed, then precision welded in aluminium and stainless-steel tubing and are coated in a selection of natural and earth-tone colours.

Specification Sheet