dimensions: 2200L x 1000W x 750h, 2400L x 1200W x 750 - custom sizes available , victorian ash with satin finish - other timbers available

jordy by adam lynch
‘The most common family size is four people, two adults and two children. The average Australian lives in a private dwelling with three bedrooms (ABS, 2015)’

Jordy was the result of a reflection upon Australia’s modern dinning experience. Jordy was born out of the result of averages. Flicking through magazines we often see nothing that can accommodate to the ‘Standard Australian’ in an affordable way (that won’t mean they are finding themselves reading a manual upside down.)

Instead, we find extravagance and dramatic forms that are abstract for really no reason at all other than to be obscene. Jordy attempts to silence all of this noise by offering warm Australian Tasmanian oak and soft curvature. The beauty is found in the detail- the soft radiuses of the table top, the angles in the cross bracing deeply pronounced in light; the horseshoe legs, a show of strength and a reassurance of quality. Jordy is able to be customised to everyone, families of all sizes because no one is average. Despite his best efforts-not even Jordy…