puffalo universal desk


dimensions: please refer to the specifications
Finish: natural or stained oak veneer, black or white laminate - other finishes on request

puffalo universal desk by didier
Designed in tandem with the Puffalo modular sofas and ottomans, this accompanying desk range is a natural extension of Universal Group’s organic, interchangeable interior landscapes. Multiple working surfaces flex to fit upholstered forms, through corresponding back-desking modules in table, mid-bar and high-bar iterations.

Precision-made to follow the curve of lounge pieces, these are finished in natural plantation oak, which can be stained to order or laminate board, in black or white. Side tablet stands and separate tables offer an adaptable solution for flexible function within newly formed environments.

designing spaces for education, workplace and foyer – puffalo universal is your go to! puffalo universal consists of armchairs, sofas, modular seating, integrated tables (dining and bar heights), laptop tables and privacy screens. puffalo universal can be combined with tiller slim seating and with fable range including shelving.

Choose your configuration from the specifications or use the Didier app to customise and layout your selections in a 3D environment.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Melbourne.

Puffalo Universal Desk specification

Puffalo Universal configuration examples II

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